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"Dream life come true, customer interests first" is our philosophy!

W.S.W. ABSOLUTE RESIDENCES LTD was established in 2019. During the four years of operation, it has been committed to the development of properties in prime locations in major cities in Cyprus, such as Paphos, Limassol, and Nicosia. Relying on the continuous accumulation of a large number of high-quality land reserves Background and high-end management and operation teams at home and abroad, from site selection to planning and design, engineering, construction and other aspects are carefully built to provide customers from various countries with overseas home purchases, real estate immigration, study abroad support, property management and other services, focusing on creating high-quality services for customers. Quality, high return lifestyle and investment opportunity.

We have an excellent track record in developing and managing high-end properties, delivering the highest quality return on investment for each client. With unique experience and vision, we have established ourselves as a significant player in the industry, rooted in our purpose of creating a better way of life, and always focused on creating long-term value for customers.


Our goal: Let every family enjoy a better lifestyle.

We are closely integrated with the local high-end community by providing a unique property living experience, encouraging all employees to integrate the company's purpose, values and culture through cross-functional, cross-regional and cross-time concepts to create communities that can be proud to call home. So far, we have provided relocation services for more than a hundred families, and more than 500 clients have successfully applied for Cyprus residence permit.

We are a diverse team of specialist design, building construction, property management and customer service teams, based in Paphos, committed to providing our clients with unparalleled the value of. The real estate projects we have developed are all over major cities, with a land area of more than 100,000 square meters. We achieve our goals through teamwork, fair dealing, great thinking and hard work. We are committed to creating opportunities for others, attracting the best and brightest to share our values, while offering new and different perspectives and creativity.

Our culture is rooted in our core values of a commitment to integrity, caring spirit and focus on continuous improvement. Based on a deep understanding of our customers and their needs for living experience, we create a variety of different property projects, enabling us to meet the different needs of the market, penetrate our core markets more deeply to reach new customers, and better serve Services are provided to existing residents.

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